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Rachel Pratt

Rachel is a creative based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her design solutions use research, user experience, and visual design to communicate. With continuous exploration and delivery, Rachel builds compelling brand stories to promote product recognition, increase customer loyalty and attract new audiences. This same passion and drive continues in her personal life. When Rachel isn’t at her computer, she’s on her bike, swimming or running to prepare for her next triathlon race. @duo.motion

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「語学留学の脳科学的効用」に関する共同研究について EFエデュケーションファーストと東京大学との共同研究プロジェクトで、短期留学中に脳機能に大きな変化が生じることが初めて明らかになりました。この研究グループは、EFの語学キャンパスの1つ...