Suggestには三つの使い方があり、意味合いは同じか、よく似たものです。この構文は少し複雑ですので、詳細に気をつけてください。その動名詞が文章の主語を指していない場合、Suggest のすぐ後に、動名詞a 所有形容詞 + 動名詞 を置くことが出来ます。

  • He suggested going to Glastonbury.
  • He suggested my going to Glastonbury.
  • I suggested visiting your grandmother.
  • I suggested your visiting your grandmother.

Suggest の後に、 that + 主語 + should + 動詞の文節を置くことができますが、この文節のthatshouldは省略できる場合があり、suggestのすぐ後に主語が残ります。

  • He suggests that I should go to New York.
  • He suggests that I go to New York.
  • He suggests I should go to New York.
  • He suggests I go to New York.

意味が明確な場合は、Suggest の後に名詞が来る場合があります。

  • What kind of ice cream are you having? I suggest chocolate.
  • I suggest Jim for this project.
  • He suggested the Toyota Prius instead of another hybrid car.
  • If you are allergic to hair, I suggest a bird or a fish as a pet.

最後に、suggestの後に疑問詞 + 不定詞が来る場合もあります。

  • He suggested where to go.
  • I suggested what to see.
  • You suggested when to leave.
  • They suggested which coat to buy.