無料のEF Teacher Development Certificateで指導資格を強化します。 6人のウェビナーに参加して、さまざまな方法、アプローチ、ツールに関するアカデミックエキスパートと一緒に、あなたとあなたの学生にとって言語をより楽しく教えることができます。



EF Teacher Development Certificateを取得するには、6つの1時間のウェビナーすべてに参加してください。 これらは無料で、年に2回開催されます(今後のセッションについては以下の日付を参照してください)。 ウェビナーは英語で開催され、登録は世界中の教師に公開されています。 プログラムの最後に、証明書をメールで送信します。





セッションを作成できませんか? 問題ありません! ライブウェビナーの度に送信される録画セッションを見ると、証明書を取得できます。


  • "Thank you very much for all the webinars. All six were interesting and helped me look more critically at the way I teach. I will try to improve. Thank you again and hope you will have more interesting things for us in store."

    Irina Rybalchenko

    Znanye Language Center, Russia

  • "They were all very useful, informative and enjoyable. Some helped me structure what I already knew. Some gave me food for thought. I will certainly use your presenters' brilliant ideas and suggestions to make my lessons more effective and fun."

    Tatyana Vidneyeva


  • "It was very beneficial as this a hot and trending topic nowadays. Also, we are trying to step up into using more tech in our classrooms, so it is good to know the basics."

    Meric Tumer

    Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey



詳細情報をお探しですか? よくある質問の回答をご覧になり、EF教師育成証明書を取得する準備をしてください

  1. What is a webinar?

    A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet. Each of our webinars for the TDC is one hour long and is conducted by EF's language education specialists and guest lecturers from well-known organizations,such as Oxford University Press.

  2. Do you have questions regarding the webinars?

    Contact us at [email protected]

  3. Until when can I register in the EF Teacher Development Certificate?

    You can register until the last day of the program, even if you have missed all the live sessions you'll still have time to watch the recording until 10 days after the last webinar session has finished.

  4. Does it cost anything to attend the webinars?

    No, the webinars are completely free of charge.

  5. What do I have to do to earn the certificate?

    First, you will have to register, then you have to attend all six webinars. You will not have to take any exams or write any reports, but there is an attendance form at the end of each webinar. It has to be filled out after all six webinars in order to count towards the certificate. We don't issue certificates for completing individual webinars but just for the completion of the six webinars.

  6. Where can I watch the session I missed?

    We will send you an email to the recordings after each live session.

  7. Can I download the webinars?

    No, you cannot download the individual webinars but you can watch the recordings online until the end of the program. We'll send you the link to the recorded sessions after each live session is finished.

  8. Do I need to purchase any textbooks?

    No, you will not have to purchase any textbooks for the webinars. We encourage you to take notes, so it will be easier to answer the question at the end of each session.

  9. Can I ask questions during the webinar?

    Yes, you are encouraged to ask questions during the webinar. There is a group chat available on the left side of the webinar screen. Simply type in your question, and it will be answered during the session.

  10. How and when will I receive my certificate?

    If you have watched all six webinars and successfully answer their corresponding proof of attendance questions, we will send your certificate by email some weeks after the Teacher Development Certificate ends.

  11. Can I apply the certificate towards a degree?

    At this point, the TDC cannot be applied towards a degree; however, it will be an additional benefit when you apply for a job, especially at EF.